Welcome to the Distraction in Action Tool (DAT)

DAT is a web-based tool that will identify your child’s risk for distress (DistrEstimate) and provide you with instructions based on your individual child. Predictions are based on data from over 1,000 children, 4-10 years of age, having a needle stick procedure. However, distraction does work for children outside of this age range and for other medical procedures. In those cases, adjust the plan relative to the intensity of the procedure compared to a needle stick (for example, removing tape may be less intense and a bone marrow aspirate may be more intense).

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DAT is free to use and works in the web browser you are currently using. That means there is nothing to download and you can access it from any device with internet access! DAT works on all kinds of smartphones, tablets, and computers (Apple, Microsoft, Android, Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.)